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As the dedicated security arm of Summit Consulting Ltd, iShield delivers uncompromised cybersecurity. 

Why Choose iShield by Summit Consulting Ltd?

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Expertise and Experience

Our team is composed of certified professionals with extensive experience in cybersecurity, dedicated to delivering high-quality, tailored services.

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Comprehensive Security Insights

We provide detailed insights into your security posture, offering clear, actionable recommendations that align with industry best practices and compliance requirements.


Dedicated Support

From initial assessment to post-test support, our commitment is to partner with you every step of the way, aiding in effective remediation and strengthening of your defenses.

Helping our customers build resilient and more cyber secure digital footprint and operations

WhiteBox PenTest

Introducing iShield White Box Penetration Testing Services
At Summit Consulting Ltd, we recognize the critical importance of external and internal security in safeguarding your organization's most valuable assets.
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BlackBox PenTest

Understand your black box penetration testing needs
Simulating a real-world attack scenario to evaluate your system's security defenses and identify potential weaknesses.
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Digital Forensics

Identifying, analyzing, and documenting digital evidence from various digital devices
Investigating cybercrimes and data breaches, aiding in reconstructing events and supporting legal proceedings.
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IT Governance

We ensure your IT department aligns with your business goals, manages risks, and delivers value.
IShield provides tools to achieve IT governance by ensuring strategic alignment, optimizing value delivery, managing IT risks, efficiently handling resources, and monitoring performance.
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Renowned across Africa for our relentless commitment.

We protect your digital assets with military-grade precision.

summitFRONTLINE® Project Report 2020

The summit Project Frontline 2020 report brings you unique insights into the cyber threat landscape in various industries and organizations.

Fortify your business with effective cybersecurity controls

#summitSECURITY TOOLKIT gives you 3600 security for peace of mind. Our summitRADAR security risk assessment will dig deep into your databases, networks and governance process to put you in charge of your network so that you have worry free life.


You need to undertake a penetration test of your network to assess the threats of loss of your intellectual property.


Learn how to respond to a crime scene, and investigate effectively any kind of office break-ins and thefts of physical assets.


Learn how to respond to a crime scene, and investigate effectively any kind of office break-ins and thefts of physical assets.

Antifraud Resources

You need to undertake a penetration test of your network to assess the threats of loss of your intellectual property.

Let's Free Up Valuable Time for Your Business Success

Like many of our customers, Information Technology and Security is probably not your core business. Trying to solve all of your IT challenges internally can become a major distraction. These challenges can be costly and other aspects of your business could suffer.

Leveraging tested #summitSECURITY tools – helps your business remain secure and efficient without taking up valuable work time. As one of the top IT consulting firms, Summit Consulting Ltd empowers your business to start winning at IT.

Implementing cyber security solutions without first having undertake a thorough 360-degree ICT security assessment is like installing security cameras without having done physical asset risk assessment!

Our team of cyber security professionals give organizations the necessary level of operational cyber security assistance to perform custom tasks and answer to certain required project needs. Organizations are then allowed to access the qualified individuals for the following roles:

Tool 1: Enterprise-wide vulnerability assessment

Why invest in security before you know which assets of your business are at risk? And the kind of threats they are exposed to?

Phase 1: Black box penetration testing (External Pen Test)

This includes examining all your external or public facing IP addresses for any vulnerability and if they exist, extent they could be exploited to cause loss to the bank.

External Pen Test Report, to be done and delivered even before we physically visit the company to get any information. All you do is to give us an official authorization letter to undertake an external pen test and a list of your public IPs or applications.


Phase 2: White Box Penetration Testing (Internal Pen Test)

Discover the extent of threats by insiders including IT staff, consultants, visitors, vendors, etc with access to your internal network – local area network or WiFi hotspot. We examine the extent of user privilege escalation, etc and the possible damage they may cause to your business.

Internal Pen Test Report, delivered after a thorough security assessment. In the report, you receive, we describe the server probed, the services running, the IP address, the Port number, the vulnerability found, evidence of exploit and practical recommended a fix.

Tool 2: Enterprise-wide ICT security assurance

We advise our clients on how to effectively manage cyber-risks, highlighting measures to secure and protect information stored and processed on computers.

Our methodology, depicted below, is designed to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from cyberattacks.


Phase 3: IT Governance review
IT Strategy, change management, ISO 270001/2 & COBIT assessment and DR and BCM plan review – we will conduct a 360 degrees IT review to assess gaps, if any and report accordingly; including meeting all requirements by the central banks on ICT assurance.

Our service offering is logically grouped to provide our clientele with the most effective outcomes when selecting one or more of our services.


Phase 4: Data Analytics and Revenue
Assurance to help you uncover what is hidden in your data. You deserve to know what your data is saying before you listen to the opinions of your peers! Make decisions based on facts and not hearsay.

Our experience:
We have performed IT reviews at a number of our clients.

  • Certified Cyber Security Specialists in your hands to drive the business
  • No need of investment in trainings and skilling up the on-site team – we got it all
  • No day-to-day disruption while meeting project timelines
  • High quality and speed in management and development
  • Cut costs and time-to-market with us
Our Staffing Program Advantages
  • Time flexibility to achieve client’s goals;
  • Brilliant resources to meet deadlines;
  • Remote Experts on demand that are a part of a team;
  • Experienced and certified remote analysts with additional specific skills that are not available in-house;
Reasons to work with us
  • Cost savings up to 60% in comparision to in-house and onboarding costs.
  • Time Efficient process of identifying, selecting, and building Security Teams.
  • No financial risks. Transparent and fixed monthly fee
  • Highest level of IP rights protection and confidentiality
  • Geographical proximity and cultural similarity
  • Always available talent around the globe for all of our security needs.
  • Quick launch of your remote Dedicated Team
  • Full integration of our remote developers with your current teams
  • Highest quality Security and IT professionals
  • Project Management support and Agile consulting

Tool 3: ICT Assessments

Eventually, it can be difficult to determine what is and isn’t working. Without the proper perspective, it can be difficult to know where to invest your IT resources.

Chances are, your IT environment has developed gradually. Over time, problems usually emerge, including performance gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies, and unintended information silos.

1. IT Governance

IT Steering Committee Composition / Function

2. Infrastructure Security Controls Review

Review of security settings like password parameter settings, audit logs and other security configurations for;

  • Operating Systems
  • Databases
  • Your Network Security, monitoring and management

3. IT General Controls

  • Change Management Process
  • Access Management Process
  • Data Backup and Recovery Management


IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

5. Application Controls

This activity depends on the Business Applications deployed at client side. The main goal of performing this task is to assess whether adequate controls are in place and operating effectively
Want to undertake external or black box pen test to assess the risk of external threats and attacks? Please complete the scoping questionnaire below or click here to download a PDF document, fill and return to us

With cyber attacks becoming the norm, it is more important than ever before to undertake regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and ensure on a regular basis that the cyber controls are working.