A resource mobilization strategy to overcome the NGO sustainability trap

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Is sustainability a going concern at your NGO? Do projects come to a standstill midway implementation due to shortages in funding? The need for a resource mobilization strategy at a time like this should be underscored. As an NGO, serving so many people across Uganda, you need a resource mobilization strategy to fund the implementation of your strategic plan. You have crafted a good strategic plan, and clear interventions to achieve the objectives. That is a plus. However, it is prudent that you have clear sources of funding to ensure the sustainability of the projects as you impact the lives of many people. This calls for an organic resource mobilization strategy to grow your resource envelope.

The environment in which your NGO is operating is so dynamic and volatile to events. The current wave of global events puts NGO sustainability at risk. The trade wars between USA and China coupled with the evergrowing COVID-19 variants create huge pressures on resources to support humanitarian work. The traditional donors are diverting financial resources to tackle the home health crisis. They too have been hit worst. This implies a direct impact on resource allocation to the humanitarian sector.

If you already have some reserves, are nearing depletion thanks to this pandemic that seems unrelenting. Due to the economic hardships, resources are dwindling from the potential partners that have traditionally and historically funded the NGO sector.

As an NGO, you rely on projects for funding. The challenge;- projects have a lifetime – short to medium term. This creates room for redundant staff. You have to continue paying even when the project comes to an end. To overcome such project traps, you need a long-term resource mobilization strategy to guarantee the sustainability of your NGO institution.

The emerging needs of the community where you serve. Besides the basic requirements, community needs are always evolving. Most of the time, you have inadequate resources to respond to such demands yet they exactly fit into your mandate.  However, with a diversified long-term resource mobilization strategy and having resources on the table, you are better positioned to respond to the current and emerging needs

Look at your NGO as a going concern. Times of scarcity call for novel ideas to sustain operations. As an NGO, it is critical to document the potential sources of funding so that you are not constrained when donors pull out of a project.

For organic strategy mobilization strategy formulation and implementation, inbox. Unlock your potential. Tap into opportunities to grow your resource envelope to sustain operations for the long term.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, Mr. Strategy 2021. All rights reserved.


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