Are you safe with your device? (The Caution to Updates)

Device safe usage is a keynote to every user’s safety and without caution to all that is accessed on the devices causes device compromise.

On the 3rd of November, Trevor enjoying his iPhone at home received a Facebook app upgrade on his iOS device which he installed with ease. Continuously enjoying his phone later in the evening that day starts watching videos trending on Facebook while he put his phone in a flipped way,in a short-while, he receives a whatsapp notification which he wished to view and he flips back the iPhone to normal (upright) and only to notice that in the background his camera had been activated without his invoking. To this notice, Trevor never took it serious and just goes on to view his chats.

From the cybersecurity point of view, human beings are the pivot to devise compromise whereby they themselves open gates for the attackers to compromise their own devices. The only key to protecting one’ self is if your informed (Awareness).

Updated Facebook iOS app turns on camera in the background

In the recent updates made to Facebook’s iOS app early this November 2019, introduced a bug that caused worry to most iOS users. Several iPhone users started experiencing a mysterious behavior while using the Facebook app. This glitch is started when watching videos in full screen, watching news feed. When watching these in landscape and revert to normal (portrait), you notice that the camera is turned on in the background without your consent. Here the camera seems not to record anything but causes a worry being invoked directly or in the background without the consent of the user. This bug seems to be affecting users running iOS 13 as though it is not yet reported by android.

According to the vice president of integrity at Facebook Guy Rosen twitted and said “it sounds like a bug”

He also added and in a tweet that, “people will feel comfortable on our platforms only if they feel safe”

Why mind?

Every app from the App Store has got permission it requests of the user before installation like permission to access the gallery, to access the camera, contacts among others. Having this in place and there exists such a bug, security-wise this triggers a lot of worry among the iOS users as not only the camera could compromise the security of the device but also give access to other data on the device like contacts, emails, gallery among other data to adversaries that may take advantage of this glitch.

This bug also may cause the camera to be used to sniff around your device by anyone with a know-how and ability to utilize this loophole if not worked upon soon as the Vice president of integrity Guy Rosen assured this after the bug was confirmed in his wordings, “We have seen no evidence of photos or videos being uploaded due to this bug. We’re submitting the fix for this to Apple today.”

Some of the users have been able to find a remedy to this issue whereby they revoked Facebook’s permission to access the camera on iOS devices

What to learn in this?

  • Always be mindful of what permissions you grant apps on installation. You should take a deeper look at the permissions the app requests in order to oversee such incomings.
  • Try and weigh the functionality of the app over the pros and cons of the apps requested permissions and see if they are worth it

Similar to this is the invention of the FaceApp scenario which was trending in the month of July 2019, and one that caused worry to iOS users and a cause to security compromise through the terms of usage of the app. Read more

The only key to protecting yourself and your organization is awareness.

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