Are you winning or just surviving?

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A blue ocean and balanced scorecard models practical training for growth

 Are you winning the game or playing to play? Running a business is like a competitive game in action. How do you get all players to do their best to win the match? How do you find the best way to drive profitable growth? In this strategy focus class, your team will learn how to stop worrying and focus instead on making the competition irrelevant?

Imagine a competitive game where some players do not put enough effort. They walk in the game instead of running. Make poor passes and keep losing the ball. It would be difficult to win a match with such an attitude. That is what happens in many businesses where some managers and staff lack clarity of their roles in the company and don’t take the initiative. They walk instead of running. The lack of urgency and lousy attitude leads to overworking the few staff resulting in burnout and loss of critical talent, which could lead to stagnation.

To this end, Summit Consulting Ltd has organized half day Strategic Focus Practical-class for middle, and senior managers on strategic thinking. The focus of the discussion is about the practical application of the Blue Ocean and Balanced Scorecard models to strategic thinking. You will learn about crafting a unique strategy that provides clarity of strategic choices to win and performance measures that drive growth and accountability.

When: 23rd July 2019  (from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm).

Where: Summit Consulting offices, Ntinda Complex.

Fee: US $450. Save US$ 100 when you register by 18th July 2019.

To book, call Godfrey Ssenyonjo, on +256 775 845691, +256 414 231136, or email Class size is limited to Five people only. Book early to avoid missing.

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Get your managers own your strategy. Transform their attitude towards work. And work as a team instead of experienced individuals. Play to win.



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