Godfrey Ssenyonjo is a professional accountant in the making pursuing his CPA. Godfrey has previously worked as the General Manager Summit Business Publications Ltd. He speared the transformation of the magazine into an online digital magazine accessible world-wide. He changed career into consulting with key interests in the finance. He has championed IFRS 9 and IFRS 16 implementation at several banks. Has made several Board briefings to many financial instructions.

How to measure ROU Assets in IFRS 16

In our article, identifying leases under IFRS 16, we discussed what constituents a contract to be classified as a lease. However, the question is; after you have identified your leases, what happens next?   While growing up, our family stayed…

IFRS 15: Identifying a Contract

In April 2014, I got my first job as a subscription sales officer at one of the most selling local magazines at the time. The target was; three (3) subscribers per week. The objective was to have 5,000 subscribers by…