Be prepared for uncertainties, implement actionTEAM GRC software

Do not get ready. Stay ready. Automate your risk management, strategy execution, and performance management system to gain a distinctive advantage.

actionTEAM is a Governance, Risk, and Compliance software that gives you the skills to quickly identify, prioritize, and manage top business risks proactively affecting your business. Whether you are a seasoned risk expert or a novice, our risk software will transform your risk management processes to win. The software contains three modules to transform your risk management processes for governance effectiveness in the areas of strategy execution, risk management, and compliance management. The system comes with two tools:

Tool 1: riskESSENTIALS

The action team risk model is built to comply with the ISO 31000:2018 risk management standard to improve your risk management processes for your organization faster. Implement an enterprise-wide risk management strategy that is aligned to the ISO 31000:2018 and corporate governance leading practices. Launch new enterprise-wide risk management initiatives faster and easier than spreadsheets or accelerate the maturity of the existing program. Say no more to a manual risk register that may be outdated.

Tool 2: risk training

As part of your risk management process automation, we empower you and your team with risk management insights to champion enterprise-wide risk implementation through conducting effective awareness training so that process owners understand their role in risk management. As you may know, the people at the front line have the responsibility of risk identification and assessment. The actionTEAM GRC empowers them to do so.

Automation of risk management and strategy execution processes is the best strategy to establish and sustain the right risk culture. And that is the difference our riskACTIONTEAM software delivers. You will become an effective risk champion who empowers process owners to identify, assess, prioritize, manage, and monitor risks.

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