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Good cyber hygiene is not a one-off affair. It is a commitment. An ongoing effort to continuously monitor threats in real-time and respond both defensively and where necessary, offensively to solve some problems with some demonstration of capabilities.

The challenge with cyber security is that zero-day exploits are always emerging making it extremely difficult to sit and relax. You must continuously assess the security situation, fix identified threats and vulnerabilities, and continuously monitor to stay a step ahead of the bad guys. They attack when you least expect it.

At summitASSURE for your cyber resilience we use the rule of three:

Assess. Fix. Monitor.  Here is how we do it.

Assess your current cybersecurity maturity in three phases.

Phase 1: Black box (external) vulnerability assessment – to determine threats posed by outsiders

Phase 2: White box (internal) vulnerability assessment – to determine threats posed by insiders

Phase 3: IT governance review / agreed-upon procedures and revenue assurance to determine your cyber hygiene and revenue leakages, if any.

Fix Your Cyber Security Gaps for Resilience

Based on the results of the security assessment, we will provide you with practical recommendations to harden your security and stop revenue leakages, protect your intellectual property, and achieve the security objectives of confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation.

Monitor your Security Program

If you are breathing. You are alive. Breathing happens so effortlessly that you rarely feel it. So does good cyber security monitoring. You must invest in infrastructure such that cyber monitoring and threat intelligence is effortless.

That is what we bring to the table. The summitASSURE edge for your cyber security resilience.

Whether you are setting up a new core banking application or ERP, or just upgrading to add new features, you need experts who understand not only IT strategy and cyber security but how the IT strategy links to your corporate strategy and your future growth.

We are Summit Consulting. We transform the client’s condition.

At Summit Consulting Ltd, we are the consultants of last resort especially when it comes to digital forensic services and expert witness, fraud investigations and training, data analytics, risk management and strategy facilitation to win amidst the VUCAP – volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and pandemic – times.

The cost of a single cybercrime incident is huge. You must invest in both skills and infrastructure to anticipate and prevent bad incidents from happening. The bad guys are highly motivated, talented, and passionate. Your good guys must match their passion, motivation, skills and talent to proactively anticipate and prevent breaches. That is where we come in as Summit Consulting Ltd. To support your internal cybersecurity team. We bring the skills, passion, and talent you need to keep the bad guys at bay.

Remember, no car inhales its exhaust.

We know your internal cybersecurity team may be talented. But with over 15 years of responding to cyber breaches and fraud incidents in financial institutions in Uganda, we know that you need a team of external experts to call upon to help transform your cyber hygiene and resilience. As forensic experts, we are not magicians. We help clients who already have some basics in place.

For example, just supporting the off-site backup of all your firewall logs to an external location that is not within the control of your internal IT security team helps transform your cybersecurity in ways you could not imagine. With that simple measure, we can assure you that any attack that could have originated from outside the company will be solved with over 96% accuracy because we know we have the logs of the attackers! However, where such logs are overwritten, you will spend money in forensic investigations and also fail to get answers as to who did what, where, when, how and why due to your current poor cyber hygiene and governance practices.

When you bring us in, we add value instantly.

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