Beware, People Have Gone Mental

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Last Saturday, I took my 4-year-old son to a nearby field to play football. A stranger joined us, being overly friendly to my son, cheering him on, giving him the ball, and encouraging him to score. He seemed like a decent person.

But things took a turn. When he started trying to pick my son up and fly him through the air, I told him, “That’s not football.” He slowed down, but then he started asking questions about me, trying to get to know who I am. Eventually, he got my phone number.

After disappearing for 5-8 minutes, he returned, now calling me by my name, clearly having googled me. Others find your name by attempting a MoMo transfer to the point it reveals the name attached to the number! 

He claimed to be a data analyst looking for opportunities and asked if I could help. I agreed to share his CV among my network.

Fast forward to this morning. While I was jogging alone at the same field, he showed up, shouting, “You liar! Why didn’t you share my CV? No one called me!” I tried to calm him down, but he wouldn’t listen. Thankfully, some nearby casual workers who are my buddies intervened and he disappeared.

They later told me about a new scam: someone befriends you, then calls in gang members if you resist, leading to a beating and robbery. If they get familiar with your family, they might even enter your home, pretending to be a friend, and you could come back to an empty house.

Be cautious of strangers. Always be vigilant.

Stay safe out there.

Make it a point to befriend the casuals and security guards around your home. They can be a security threat or your savior! It’s a ‘selfish insurance’ but that is how life has become.


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