Advanced Excel


We have included a number of sample tools you can use in your organisation to increase productivity and save time. These models have been used by a number of organisations to ease the work at their premises and unearth crucial information. 

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Payroll Tool

This is a Microsoft Excel tool designed to ease the way in which your payrolls are calculated. It has automated cells that automatically give you your net pay, include staff savings projections based on an interest rate and compare different employees’ salaries.

Empower your finance team by equipping them with skills to develop solutions that make their work easy.

Audit Tool

This tool enables your company to audit accounts to detect fraudulent activity in your numbers. With different tools from Benford’s law, to gap detection, your finance teams will be one step ahead of those anomalies.

Increase anomaly detection in your company’s financials by detecting duplicates, suspicious numbers in your Accounts payable and missing batches. Let’s fight employee theft.