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summitBI™ offers business intelligence solutions that will arm your executives with reports and insights for real-time analytics and interpretations, tailor made for your business strategy while maintaining tight governance controls as required by your IT team. Save money and time. Contact us for a demo to see it in action! No more expensive off the shelf software.​

Why you need #beyondEXCEL Productivity Training

Are you an executive looking to leverage from data driven decision-making, optimise business processes, increase your company’s operational efficiency and drive the top-line while cutting costs? Is your Finance team out of options where to cut costs and remain efficient? Are you sleeping in the office trying to conduct sensitivity analysis for business case and optimisation decisions? Is reporting taking a lot of time?

Maximum Efficiency

Connect your application to the core systems of your business to maximize the efficiency of real-time analytics and save time and money.

Resource Allocation

Inform your business decision making, know which bank branch is busy and at what time, so that you allocate more resources at that time.

Minimum Errors

Minimize errors in data entry, while protecting the integrity of your worksheets and databases.

Data Analytics

Utilise powerful data analytics features in Ms Excel to analyse your data in diverse perspectives to give you the best possible option.

Reallocate Channels

Know which channels, branches that bring in the most revenue and those not breaking even, so that they may be reallocated or closed

Detect & Design

Detect Anomalies in your data to protect your company’s top-line with #BeyondEXCEL.
Design compelling dashboards to present hidden insights in your data proficiently.

What to expect

This package will equip you with skills required to build robust prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive analytics models, unearth hidden insights in your core systems, design optimisation solutions to maximise your portfolios, mitigate risk, and build presentation kits to demonstrate thought-provoking patterns in your company’s data to other executives and staff to enhance data driven decision making.

#beyondEXCEL Productivity Modules

Advanced Excel Training Testimonial​

Excel Maji Power

Watch the Video and get inspired. Reach the deepest ends of Excel with this essential training. You’ll never know how rich excel not until you get to learn with the experts.

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