Managing Board Affairs

Exclusive Executive Education for CEOs, Board members and Secretaries. What makes #summitBOARD Tools so special?

Tranform your Board

What makes #summitBOARD Tools so special?

Lead with Confidence

Add value on the Board. Lead with confidence. Learn everything you need in just a week with #summitBOARD Tools.

Get Transformed

Get Board Tools to transform you into a top Company Secretary, Board Member or Director. Download Sample Board Tools and Excel in Your Board Roles

Stand Out

Want to take a leadership role on the Boards you serve. You must first master the essentials. Learn the secrets of exceptional Board Chairs of the Main Board and Committees.

Be Effective

As a Board Member, do you micro-monitor or micro-manage? How do you micro-manage without frustrating the executive team? Get #summitBOARD Tools Today

Board Induction Excellency

Never again have members sleep in your Board induction training. As an executive, you need to make a strong first statement.

Effective Minutes Taking

As secretary, learn the secret of documenting Board decisions and matters arising for maximum impact. Produce Board minutes instantly and easily.

Value Addition

The #summitBOARD tools empower seasoned and new board members to lead with confidence and add value. Find how you can become a better leader

Managing board affairs for new era

Boards exercise their role at board meetings. It goes without saying that managing the process leading to during and after every Board meeting is critical for the effectiveness on the Board and individual Board members. Transform your Business through effective and productive board meetings. Focus on issues that matter

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Board Induction

We’ll do everything we can to grow your revenue. Our motivation is to drive your business further than you can imagine.
  • How inconveniencing are Board meetings? How much time do you spend preparing for board meetings?
  • How many Board members are asking same benefits like staff, micromanaging your organisation and threatening your job?
  • How much is unbriefed board members costing you?
  • Can new board members add value to your strategy execution?

A lack of clarity of Board roles may already be costing you a great deal. Contact us for on-going board induction, strategy formulation facilitation or one-on-one coaching. Become a transformation leader in action.

How does it work?

What makes #summitBOARD Tools so special?

Learn the skills that matter

Become a Board Secretary that empowers. Take and share Board minutes in time.

Create a memorable legacy

Leave your mark as a Board Member. Add value to your Board.

Become a great board chair

Avoid creating conflict and confusion in the Boardroom.





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We'll do everything we can to grow your revenue. Our motivation is to drive your business further than you can imagine.

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