Business Intelligence, data analytics and revenue assurance as a service (BIDAaS)

Coronavirus has heightened the need for business intelligence and data analysis – where leaders must make decisions informed by data concerning which:

  1. branches or outlets to open and which ones not to,
  2. staff to work from home and which ones to come to the office,
  3. customers to focus on and which ones to let go,
  4. products and services to focus on, and which ones not to,
  5. are the most convenient days and times to open the bank branch, and which ones not?
  6. months of the year to give out loans, and which interest rate offers high performing assets,
  7. the busiest time of the day for bank tellers so that they may be optimised, among others.

Unfortunately, leaders make decisions based on opinions, gut feelings and gossip instead of data as many see it as expensive to invest in capabilities to optimise data analytics. The fact is, folks with data analytics and business capabilities make more informed decisions, save time and win.

Every company – in any sector – needs data analytics to reduce costs, increase revenue and win. For example, in the oil and gas sector, a company could use predictive analysis to deploy maintenance services for the fleet in remote installations, without the need to use expensive and sophisticated solutions in house. Consider using data analytics as a service to know which asset needs maintenance repair and save time and money.

About our business intelligence and data analytics

Aware that it is costly to invest in capabilities for data analytics internally, Summit Consulting Ltd has established a business intelligence and data analytics lab to provide data services including data science, analysis and business intelligence as a service. Companies now do not need to invest in the expensive data analysis software and training of internal data scientists who may be challenging to retain. Now you can work with summitBI data analytics team for on-going data analysis and reporting under a service level agreement.

The advantage of this you get a premium service at an affordable fee. And you do not need to invest in one-off software purchase and on-going license payments even for modules you may not need.

At an agreed, monthly retainer price, you specify the kind of reports you need and their frequency. Our data analytics and business experts can then study your business systems, data sources and have read-only access to your system to provide you on-going real-time on-demand insights. In these coronavirus times, reducing business expenses is the way to go.

The typical budget of a company that is frugal, knows what to do, wants to win with data analysis needs a minimum budget of US $ 150,000 one-off spending in data analytics hardware and software, and about 10,300 monthly expenses to operate the service, broken down is as follows:

  1. Invest in a data centre to collate all data, one-off a budget of the over the US $70,000
  2. Recruit a team of 3 data scientists and analysts, monthly payroll gross salary of over US $ 10,000, excluding costs to train, retrain, staff insurance and other ‘personnel motivation costs’, etc
  3. Invest in data analytics tools – off-shelf tools – at about the US $80,000 one-off costs and an annual license costs of about the US $2,000 per user
  4. And a budget of over US $20,000 one-off training, and indirect costs in on-going support for custom-scripts by experts usually from Kenya, South Africa or the UK, where you incur costs of travel, accommodation etc.… which could be prohibitive.

A cheaper alternative

With the Summit Consulting Ltd’s Business Intelligence and Data Analytics as a Service (BIDAaS), you can get all the above, at an agreed affordable fee of about US $10,000 depending on the size of your business, systems to be integrated and training needs.

Below is our BIDAaS entail:

  1. As a top executive, you need organised data and automated reporting for real-time dashboard insights.  Using financial modelling, we will work with your top management team to provide insights that will aid proper business forecasting and planning. Get real-time visibility into your business on the go.
  2. Empower your team to analyse, investigate, and transform past business performance and reduce the risk of surprises. Make decisions informed by data.  Know your business key drivers – top customers, profitable channels, most selling products and what drives your business profitability to win.
  3. Perform “what-if” scenario testing, which lets executives consider how the recommended asset-management plan would change if they were to make choices, for instance, deferring or accelerating maintenance or CAPEX.
  4. Undertake predictive and prescriptive analytics on any data set, to help optimise your fleet, employees, factory floor and supply chain, among others. With our analytics, you can analyse channel profitability and make better decisions on what to continue or discontinue
  5. Rating the overall health mapping of your asset base, along with reliable projections of how these assets will age, which will be used to articulate capital-spending plans and inform regulators’ incentive programs. These will reduce the cost of maintenance by 20-40 per cent while maintaining network reliability.
  6. We will set up summitBI analytics that connects PowerBI, SQL, MS Excel, and Python to give you real-time data analytics and insights…
  7. Offer to your or your managers or any staff with access to your local area network any report they need in real-time, and therefore save you money.
  8. Any other report you may need, as we can custom build a script to meet your needs as they arise

To offer you the services, all you provide are:

  1. Primary data centre server name or in case of use of multiple systems, you provide server names
  2. Database name and login credentials to remotely access queries and tables relevant to your staff who need analytics on demand
  3. List of tables and queries crucial for reporting to your management and board – explained in a summary Data dictionary.
  4. Create a virtual machine that is connected to the core systems from where we deploy desktop and gateway for real-time data access.

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