COVID-19 Awareness

Attack vector 1: Phishing Attack

Bank of Uganda issued cybersecurity guidelines for supervised financial institutions (SFIs) that came into effect on 1st July 2024. In preparation to the launch of

Transforming Agile Culture at Unity SACCO

Unity SACCO, a cooperative society providing financial services to its members, faced significant challenges that threatened its sustainability. Financial mismanagement, a stagnant culture, operational inefficiencies,

How do you Value your money?

Who in their right mind would spend over a billion Ugandan shillings on land just to hold? Someone called me saying, “I have a building

Beware, People Have Gone Mental

Last Saturday, I took my 4-year-old son to a nearby field to play football. A stranger joined us, being overly friendly to my son, cheering

The Story of an Aspiring Artist

There is a video of a man showcasing raw talent in the car parking basement. This man indeed is talented. As I watched, I remembered

Motivating your staff

How do you get your staff morale through the roof to deliver value and smiles together to the bank? Many leaders think the primary cause