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Storytelling for better problem-solving

Stories drive the point home. Great leaders use analogies, stories, and case studies to drive their points home.  Well-told stories engage the imagination and emotions

Being a smart company

Here are some steps a bank can follow to transform into a smart financial institution Becoming a smart company is no longer a luxury. It

What does product strategy entail?

Every business needs a product strategy. Before you define a product strategy, you must start with the customer. Who is your target customer and what

Why mobile lending struggles to take off

2022 marked the the15th anniversary celebrations of the launch of M-Pesa, the ground-breaking mobile money service in Kenya. The impact of mobile money services like

Here is how to win that deal

As prices for every essential item skyrocket, now is the time to learn how to persuade and win business or get that promotion. Before you

Asset quality of banks in 2021

a.   Return on Savings negatively affecting payment for loans To mobilize funds, Banks encourage savings from the public by offering better returns in the form