The ever-evolving cybersecurity risks

The velocity and magnitude of cyber threats are spreading at the speed equivalent to a Mercedes Formula One car! This has been accelerated by the increased online activity brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 and 2021 provided no rest for the front liners in ICT security.  The frequency of cyberattacks is high, sophistication continues

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Be secure with our summitASSURE, cybersecurity services

Good cyber hygiene is not a one-off affair. It is a commitment. An ongoing effort to continuously monitor threats in real-time and respond both defensively and where necessary, offensively to solve some problems with some demonstration of capabilities. The challenge with cyber security is that zero-day exploits are always emerging making it extremely difficult to

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Free webinar on cybersecurity hygiene to improve your security

“Our systems are very secure. We cannot be hacked. We lose 0% of our annual revenue to fraud and cybersecurity annually.” These are some of the common assurances many leaders get. However, without ongoing cybersecurity awareness efforts, and independent cybersecurity tests (both black box and white box penetration testing), such assurances may be misleading and

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