The UN Conference Of the Parties (COP) on climate change

Brilliance is better expressed in cartoons, paintings, photos, and live demos. One of the great photos of such brilliance is where a man in the photo is cutting down trees, with the caption “Humans are the only creatures in this world who will cut down a tree, make paper from it, and then write, ‘save

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Uganda renews MTN’s SNO license at a fee of US $100m

After long negotiations, MTN Uganda paid the US $100m, appropriately Ugx. 371 billion, in full to Uganda Government for license renewal. Download: MTN is Uganda’s Second National Operator (SNO), and the license took effect on July 1st, 2020.  For some time over the years, MTN experienced some run-ins with the government which culminated in the

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Happy Martyrs Day to you and your family: what are you living for?

Today, June 3rd, we celebrate the Uganda Martyrs. The people who paid the ultimate price in defense of their Christian beliefs. Fearing the possible loss of control of his Kingdom, the Buganda King at the time, Mwanga II, took drastic measures. Over the years, Christianity had been spreading with it bringing a new class of

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How effective is your #covid19 response and recovery strategy?

Is your coronavirus pandemic response strategy adequate? Are you in control of the pandemic or the pandemic is controlling you? This pandemic just happened. It has since changed many things. It has changed the way we live. No close contact with friends amid restricted movements. It has changed the way we work. For many, from

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The #covid19 recovery and response strategy insights

Running a business during these coronavirus times is like driving a car at night in heavy rains on a road without road marks. The journey becomes so uncertain and frustrating. Other drivers may choose to park and wait. Others take calculated risks. While others turn on the driver-assist computer in the car for night vision

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The state of banking in Uganda 2022

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