Covid19 updates; government sets up an online portal

In response to calls for unified communication and an online portal for timely updates on the state o f#covid19, the government has established an online portal for #covid19 updates. To access the portal, visit here. The portal provides all the information about the situation of #covid19 in Uganda, the total reported cases, confirmed cases and death.

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Blockchain and financial inclusion: winning CEO think ahead, part 2

Great executives always think about the long-term game. Where will growth come from in 3- 10 years’ time? Whereas telecom companies are investing in video-on-demand streaming, they are forgetting that winning companies like Amazon, Netflix, Apple, etc are investing a fortune in original content creation. Such companies are looking into the future 20 years ahead

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The modern warfare: are you safe?

Countries are winning war daily. Covertly through modern warfare: espionage and open source intelligence. Whereas espionage may involve deliberate effort to infiltrate another country, modern warfare has transformed how espionage is done. We are in the era of cyber warfare. In the past, winning a war was about numbers: how many headcounts of soldiers a

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Who cares? The frustrations of doing business in Uganda

Uganda has many enterprising people, but few businesses. If anything explains the high poverty levels in many parts of the country, it is not an unwillingness to work hard—most Ugandans still sweat to survive. Nor is it because of a lack of enterprise and optimism: on the permanently traffic-jammed streets of Kampala, the country’s main

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The state of banking in Uganda 2022

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