Competitor landscape banking analysis report 2021

How does your bank fare against the competition?

1. How is your bank optimizing data-driven market intelligence to inform its market positioning to win? With the rising economic uncertainty fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional banking models are becoming absolute. And technology-enabled ones must be distinctive. To win, your bank leadership must understand the state of the market – retail, corporate or SMEs, its size, the key players, who is winning and how they are winning, among others. Your new strategic imperatives must be informed by data and market-driven insights NOT hearsay or opinions of vocal people.

2. Since 2016, Summit Consulting Ltd publishes a state banking sector report that goes a mile deep into the key drivers of banking in Uganda. We analyze the top banks, their business models, portfolio mix, lending segments and the profitable client profiles, and more to inform policy and strategic decisions.

3. Over 60% of the top banks use our summitBI & market analysis services for customized competitor market intelligence presentations to their EXCO and Board covering specific areas of their business strategic interests. Margins in the banking sector are increasingly becoming under pressure due to the growing non-performing loans. Now is the time to benchmark against your peers to understand your unique value offering in the market against your top peers. Gain unmatched insights into how other banks are mixing their portfolio to win in these tough times.

4. To discuss this letter further, contact Godfrey Ssenyonio on +256 775845691 or email Download the general #summitBI Banking 2020 report, here To access the 2021 report, contact the undersigned.

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