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They say that to win a debate, one should draw from personal experience and share practical insights. As Mr Strategy, I often found myself at a loss for words during the critical first to fifth minutes of meetings with directors and top executives. Breaking the ice, they often engage in discussions about topics such as the latest cars, politics, family, and social dynamics. Many leaders, consumed by concerns over revenue and cost optimization, find solace in lighter subjects like the newest car models and the exclusive leisure spots in town.

When it comes to playing at high levels, it is advisable to be the first to arrive and the last to leave as you get a chance to meet early bird top honchos. I recall a particular instance where I missed an opportunity to engage deeply with the chairman of the board during a meeting. He was on the phone explaining an issue with his Mercedes Benz to the mechanic. Regrettably, I failed to capitalize on this moment to connect further. That evening, while conversing with my wife, she suggested an idea—why not visit Wavah and test drive a Mercedes? It was an aha moment I assured her that I would indeed give it a try.

Two days later, dressed in my finest suit, I made my way to Spear Motors Nakawa. Upon arrival, I expressed my interest in test-driving the latest Mercedes Benz. After a brief overview of the various models and their features, I was escorted to one of the cars, and we set off for the test drive. That day, I experienced the luxury of a Mercedes firsthand. Subsequently, during a trip to Dubai, I made a point to visit Dubai Motor City and test drive a sports car.

Getting up close and personal with any car on display is a fulfilling experience. It has a way of inducing a sense of calm and contentment. Through such experiences, one becomes aware of the disparity between the car they currently drive and the one they aspire to own—oftentimes, the difference is merely a matter of branding and perceived class. Additionally, it becomes apparent that our roads in Uganda may not be suited for many of the sports and high-end cars available. Leaving Dubai Motor City, I felt content and appreciative of the car I drove. Although I have aspirations of starting a business in Dubai within the next 2-5 years, and perhaps owning a Lamborghini—manufactured in Italy, as I learned that day—I recognize that such desires can wait. For now, I am content with what I have.

If you are too poor to own it, go ask for a test drive. It makes your dream real. That is dreaming while awake is all about.

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