Consumer Goods Analytics; how hypermarkets like Nakumatt and Uchumi could still have been in business today

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Whenever you hear experts talking about the fall of giant market players like Nakumatt and Uchumi, there is one thing raised in common. “They expanded over and above their carrying capacity.”

This is a very strong point. However, it is as useless as insuring a building against fire after it has been burnt to get back your proceeds and benefit from the insurance. What if you can accurately predict the outcomes of the effect of an expansion in asset base or inventory even before you make the decision? Wouldn’t that save companies from unanticipated threats triggered by optimisation and scheduling problems?

This is possible and this is why other businesses in Uganda have managed to maintain their operations even through the most trying times. But the question is, at what cost have these enterprises maintained their operations?

Companies have invested heavily in corporate consultants, financial advisors and other investment professionals to help them mitigate these risks, and ensure they optimise their productivity. This has borne a heavy burden to their bottom-line with increasing costs of operations. And although, they continue to make sustainable profits, a supernormal leapfrog in bottom-line will keep the spirits of a company’s executive management and board vehemently raised.

So do you want your company to move from just a sustainable company to the model firm in the industry without spending too much on professionals that use the same tools to influence your decision making?

Look no further, our #BeyondExcel Productivity Package solution will equip you with the skills that will ensure you optimise resource allocation and predict asset base problems. You will develop models that will primarily monitor the effect of each player in the supply chain of your inventory and why you should let go or increase supply of a given product or service. You will go from just sustainability to lucrativeness.

All you need to have is a Microsoft Office package and the right skills to apply these techniques. Save your company millions of monies spent on exclusive avenues in form of external consultants and other professionals.

Manage your supply chain effectively while expanding optimally. Sign up now and have our team reach you immediately.



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