Crisis Management u0026amp; Security Reviews

It is critical for companies to reflect upon their vulnerability to external threats like natural disasters, terrorist attacks, fire hazards and political unrest, which can jeopardize the lives of employees and have a grievous impact on operations.

Such crises lead to business losses, low stakeholder confidence and loss of market reputation. In worst-case scenarios, companies even fail to resume operations. Summit Consulting provides continuity and risk mitigation planning through its crisis management and security review procedures. Summit Consulting helps prevent incidents like cyber-crime and commercial sabotage from occurring, and to respond effectively to incidents having the potential of escalating.

Summit Consulting performs risk analysis and prepares a security management module based on modern practices and ensures that these processes are tested and updated to identify changes in the business environment or local political scene.

Once a crisis management plan is formulated, Summit Consulting experts run mock tests before the plan is integrated with the company’s security system, in order to check its operational capability and give staff hands-on experience. Summit Consulting endeavors to diminish the adversity of crisis, protect people, property and proprietary systems, with the least possible disruption to operations.