Cyber security for The Healthcare Industry

The rise of cyber-attacks in the healthcare that’s as a result of the trending modernity in technology, and Internet of Things.

Cyber security niches are a rising threat to the health care industry in particular.

The health care industry has been seen to have staged behind in protecting its main entities and stake holders (or patients), as compared to other industries and this costs hospitals to incur considerable capital and much efforts in securing their systems.

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However, according to the Journal of Medical Internet Research, the protection of stakeholders in the healthcare industries is easier said than done because hospitals are extraordinarily technology-saturated, complex organizations with high end point complexity, internal politics, and regulatory pressures.

Attackers target billing and insurance records because of the valuable data that they contain that includes, personal information like Social Security numbers and addresses and credit card information. In many cases the data breaches that bring about attacks to the healthcare facilities are as a result of the insiders that create loopholes that criminals utilize to have access to the systems of the facilities. To this extent it is important that organizations come up with effective work policies and implement controls and technical safeguards to prevent data breaches.

A report by IBM has it that;

“In 2015, the healthcare industry was the most attacked by cyber criminals according to a Cyber Security Intelligence Index by IBM. The reports showed that over 100 million healthcare records were compromised during that year, from more than 8,000 devices in more than 100 countries.

This development unmasks a truth that can’t be hidden by the healthcare industry—it has become a prime target of cyber-attacks. The healthcare industry is facing a host of cyber security issues, which has financial and reputation impact for hospitals and other healthcare institutions.”

 The major reasons why the healthcare industry is subjected to cyber-attacks is the limited budget allocated by healthcare institutions to cyber security investment where by the healthcare companies are under spending on security programs.

In comparison, the local government spends 16 percent of its IT budget on security. Other industries also spend more for cyber security, such as banking and finance which allocate 12 to 15 percent of their IT budget on security programs.

And to the statistics on how companies spend on the cyber security, the healthcare industry is prone to identity theft because health institutions don’t’ spend enough on cyber security investments.

The high demand for medical / patient’s records in the black market also influences numerous cyber-attacks that have impacted much on the reputations and finances of the healthcare institutions.

Summit Consulting is your point of redeem to help you and your health institution protect against such fraudulent attacks plotted against you.

When it comes to cyber-attacks, there is nothing like one being strongly secured or not seen/noticed by attackers, it is just that attackers are plotting against you NEXT!!!. You need confidence that your stakeholder’s critical data, electronic health records (EHR) systems and other critical servers like mobile and internet banking servers, email servers and ATM servers and CCTV servers, to mention but a few are safe and sound from risks of attacks from phishers, manipulation, unauthorized modification and data leakages or deletion.

Summit Cyber security brings you awareness on how better you could protect yourself from such malicious intent from defrauders.

Take a Survey to help your health institution or employees mitigate cyber-attacks frauds in their line of business for greater business achievement and safety.

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