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The year was 2007. I was working in one of the big four audit firms. During one of the assignments, we sat down with an IT staff and asked him for an audit log. We did not stop there. We requested for the extract of all transactions to MS Excel.

Download the summitBI Data Analytics Tools (204 downloads)

A few days later, we got the information we had asked for on a thumb drive aka flash disk. We were excited. We then started performing our external audit procedures. However, without data analytics skills, our work was limited to just sorting. Like any newbie to MS Excel, we converted the data into a data table and felt great making quick sums.

Ten years later, in 2017 my firm, Summit Consulting Ltd, got a big job to perform revenue assurance services on behalf of a Revenue Authority in one of the COMESA countries. We were excited.

As usual, we arrived at the client and went straight to the Chief Finance Officer for an inception meeting. After exchanging pleasantries, we gave them a list of our requirements. One of the items we requested was daily sales per product/ service, pricing, and promotions if any for three years. If you have worked in a telecom environment, you know the kind of data we are talking about.

The database engineer first asked us, which tools are you using to examine this data? We said, do not mind. We have the tools. And all we wanted was a database dump.

Welcome to big data.

Thanks to our data analytics solutions, using advanced tools, we were able to receive the over 18 TBs of Data and analyze it using our special data analytics tools.

In the attached PPT, find the summitBI data analytics tools. In case you need to add value to your career or employer or business, you can attend our data analytics training, or buy our summitBI analytics tools and save money.

Download the summitBI Data Analytics Tools (204 downloads)

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