Digital agenda to grow your organization

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The world is changing, demographics are shifting, and the ever-growing technological advancements are having profound effects on every industry across the board, transforming the ways in which we view traditional forms of marketing.

The NGO sector in Uganda has become very competitive. Cultivating relationships through organic communications and organizational transparency is now more than ever the key to the long-term sustainability of organizations.  As a not for profit organization, how do you attract and retain donors and stakeholders?

For the third year in a row, BRAC (formerly the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee), the largest NGO, continues to be the leading NGO in the world, according to NGO Advisor. To gain this spot, BRAC leadership asked; “How can we transform community service work, when we rely on donor funds?”

 The answer was simple: Become pragmatic, adaptive, and very responsive to stakeholder needs. Top on the agenda was leveraging online and social media to rally stakeholders to work as a team. They focused on [over] communicating BRAC milestones and impact aggressively. The result is a strong organization with several income-generating projects globally.

An NGO of the future is a ‘platform’ NGO

An NGO of the future is a ‘platform’ NGO. To win on stakeholder engagement, BRAC decided to adopt a model of an NGO as a platform NOT software. A platform (B) empowers the stakeholders to do self-help services as well as make money whereas a software (A) offers only core services where beneficiaries have to depend on handouts. For example, UBER, AMAZON, etc. are platforms.

To succeed, you must adopt a digital strategy with stakeholder engagement at the center. In the short term, creating a strong online presence through an interactive website, social media presence, a newsletter to key partners and community advisory is urgent. An investment into a platform is critical for unprecedented future success. For example, to catch up with reducing donor financing, BRAC has diversified income sources and owns a bank!

What digital journey are you starting today?

NGO’s must urgently rebrand and embrace a digital agenda to tap into new stakeholders and retain existing ones. To succeed online, organizations need to embrace online marketing for the new era. Don’t allow your website visitors to leave without collecting email and phone from them for follow-up.

We at summit know how hard it is to communicate clearly and have helped both large and small organizations transform their brand, clarify their messages in their brochures, websites and letters. And when you clarify your message, your website starts working for you, your team members are converted into ambassadors and your stakeholders speak a viral message that spreads. Your brand equity grows, and people start being attracted to you.

We have introduced our #summitMEDIA Toolkit training customized for NGO’s and NFFPOs. In this training, you get to learn the secrets of using your website and social media for impact to win and be attractive to prospective donors and partners.

We propose this training to all not for profit organizations. You have options of having it in-house with all staff or have your team attend our invite-only “Digital Agenda Transformation Training to grow business” based on our #summitMEDIA Toolkit that covers business model, online reputation, web and digital strategy. Contact us here to schedule training at your offices.

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