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As the schools are closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown, it is also a time to reflect and fix areas that didn’t work well before the lock down so as to open in the new normal geared for success. At summit consulting, we have come to help school’s improve their online presence so as to increase on the number of students enrolling to the school and student engagement.

All school heads and directors know how important it is to present their school in a positive light. Raising the profile of your school and having a strong strategy for increasing entrants is all part of every Headteacher’s remit and having a good website to demonstrate what your school is all about plays a big a part in this.

Just like any other business, schools need to navigate their way through today’s fast changing digital landscape and get them seen. Understanding how you should be using your school website, social media and internet marketing to grow your online presence and attract more entrants is absolutely critical in today’s competitive market place.

Our Proposal to you

In line with this, Summit Consulting wishes to propose a strategic partnership to improve your on-line presence so as to position your school well on the Internet.

  1. We request for an appointment with you to discuss this further and share on the next steps in transforming your online presence.
  2. As part of our Corporate Social Investment to support institutions during this COVID lock down period, we have organized a free online webinar/ training on “How to transform your school’s presence online” on 17th July, 2020 at 12.00pm. We will give you insights and practical demonstrations of some digital solutions for your school’s success. Limited spaces are available. To book your place, register here below by Friday 15th July, 2020.

For further inquiries, contact us on 0776070487 or email: Looking forward to Transforming Your Condition through effective online strategy formulation and execution for your school’s growth and competitiveness. This is your opportunity to ask questions and interact with digital experts.

Register here below:



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