Does your motivator need motivation?

How many of you are going to listen to motivational speakers who clearly need motiving themselves?

Life and career are so interesting.

Once I visited a ‘Doctor’ who was telling me how I could do away with my glasses. I put off my glasses at first. Then put them on again. I confirmed I was seeing right. The ‘Doctor’ was wearing glasses.

I asked, “How come you have not yet stopped using glasses?” He laughed and said, “I am still thinking about it. My wife says I look great in glasses.” Surely! I was dumbfounded.

As I grow old, I realize with hindsight, we must deliberately choose the kinds of people to listen to. If someone can motivate you without even being paid to do it, that is a real deal. They do so from passion and experience. They share stories of success which they have experienced.

The simple test of a good motivator is “this is how I did it. And given your context and perspectives, you too can do it. Here is what you need to change.” And they go-ahead to introduce you to their world. What works and what does not. That is the ultimate mentorship to get you to the top.

Anyone who is fond of referring to useless jargon of ‘set clear goals.’ ‘Have objectives that are SMART.’ ‘Stay around positive people, etc  is a time waster and you cannot go far.

The fact is, the action is your only remedy. Read hard and work hard too. If you heading in the right direction, success will surely come.

Stop listening to motivational speakers who clearly need lots of motivation. Do not be told. Be shown. If someone is motivating you to make one million dollars. Let them first show you their bank statement. If their records are hidden. You are not clear on how they started. Where they got seed capital. What they did to make it happen, go slow.

Not everyone who has something to say should be listened to.


You are your best teacher. Find the people you admire who are closer home. Before you start admiring Bill Gates, first look in your village, who is that person who made it from your similar circumstances? Those are the best people to look up to. Keep looking closer to find the ideal person as you move to a district or national level before going regional for a role model. Read more about them. Go and approach them for mentorship and guidance. Do not give up until they give you audience. listen to what they have to say and put it into action. Those are the best motivators.

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