How to effectively manage your loan portfolio to avoid bankruptcy, ensure effectiveness and sustain cash flows.

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Most firm today are finding it hard to sustain operational costs and these have consequently led to falling of businesses, changes in management and scrutiny of prominent individuals.

What these people do is go to the bank for a loan or issue securities to acquire quick cash at a discount rate to the buyers of these instruments. This is an effective strategy only if the person managing these securities or amortizing these loans is on step either ahead of the lenders or able to manage any kind of inefficiency concerning monies.

Organisations have invested heavily in credit and risk consultants, expert analysts and other platforms to help them amortize these loans. It’s almost like borrowing on borrowed capital. Either part of the loan acquired is used to fund these professionals or they have first refusal on the proceeds you make from any investment yield from the loans.

How do firms reduce this outsider influence or cost of borrowing? The answer is not far from your fingertips. Microsoft Excel has the tools to help you amortize your loans and manage disbursed securities optimally. Companies can now automate most of these amortization and investment problems by building dynamic solutions in the simple to use Microsoft Excel program.

All you need is the skills, which cost less than a third of the money you spend annually on investment advisors. These skills remain embedded in your system and your executives’ minds for a lifetime. You won’t need any costly external recommendation to acquire a given loan.

Learn how to predict the right amount of loan your net salary or company income can endure without damaging operations and/or standard of living. Stress test loans to find the optimum decision to negotiate for to get the best possible interest rate based on your cash flows. Build a clear amortization schedule to prepare for future cash outflows. Discover how paying extra principal could affect your loan payment. Are your securities worth selling to your lenders or are you making losses hidden in insufficient discount rates?

Is your investment worth the hype? Let’s find all this out in our #BeyondExcel productivity package where you and your colleagues will learn the skills to tailor Ms Excel into your investment advisor. Sign up with us and we shall get to you immediately.



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