Employer’s paradox: Whom should I keep and whom should I release?

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Whenever the month or year ends, every employee submits his or her performance reports on which you score. You also have to put attendance in place and assess those who missed and those who were available.

Then comes the departmental assessment. All these reports have to be assessed every period. However, this is monotonous for the people analysing the reports. Looking at each employee month after month after month is tedious.

However, innovative technology is in place to ease this process. Have you heard of real-time analytics? While you sit in your office, processes are always ongoing in your system. Each update breeds a new dimension in your data.

Every stream reveals a hidden pattern in your data. Nevertheless, with the vast amounts of data coming in, tracking record per record is a tedious approach. Some core systems process thousands of transactions per second, which makes tracking almost impossible. This is especially common with organisations that deal with a mound of customer data like banks and MDIs, warehouses and stores, to mention but a few.

Organisations have responded to these concerns by investing vastly in expensive technologies recommended to them by experts and other consultants. These technologies have the ability to process vast amounts of data to give executives real time analytics. They get per second updates of what their core systems are handling.

Real time analytics has been a great advancement in data science. You do not have to wait for the end of the month or year to know how your organisation is performing. You do not need to wait 30 days and/or 12 months to know the dead weight in your organisation. Save your company before a bad seed contaminates it.

Goodnews for you! You do not need to spend all that money on real time technologies that your employees will struggle familiarising with. Ms Excel is a program that has always lived within the confines of your organisations, and though you have been using it maybe for reporting, with the right skills, your team will be empowered with the skills to leverage from real-time data analytics.

#beyondEXCEL  productivity package will empower your team with the skills you need to make interactive dashboards, endowed with real-time capabilities. You will be able to discover anomalies in your data by following real time updates to the patterns in your system. Do not miss out, sign your team up and have competitive edge in your industry. Know what your team is doing and what your customers are asking for in real time.


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