ERM outsourcing for improved corporate resilience and high-risk maturity

The objective of risk management is to create and protect corporate value. However, without the right experts and tools, you may have a risk management function that fails to deliver the full benefits of risk management. How do you link innovation to risk management? What is the relationship between strategy and enterprise growth and risk management? How does your risk management function lead to growth in resource mobilization?

Without effective risk management, the function is seen as another cost centre. But it should not be.

You need expert support to tap fully into the benefits of robust risk management and win. Under this proposal, we will:

  1. Provide you with risk maturity assessment so that you know your current level of enterprise risk management agenda; and the gap, if any against best practices.
  2. Review and update your current ERM framework to align to best practices. Following the Covid-19, two new Risk Management Standards have come up – IWA 31 – First Edition 2020-03, Guidelines in using ISO 31000 on Risk in Management Systems; and ISO 31022- First Edition 2020-05 – Risk Management, Guidelines for the Management of Legal Risk. You now must update your risk management frameworks to cater for the new standards. summitRISK outsourcing helps keep you on top of ERM.
  3. Develop a prioritized ERM implementation plan to close any gaps identified during the “risk maturity assessment phase.” Specifically, align your risk agenda to strategy to reduce the strategic risks.
  4. Conduct on-going risk awareness sessions to deepen risk understanding and risk culture. We shall work as your risk champions. You get top experts speaking to your team about risk management
  5. Automate your enterprise-wide risk management agenda using ActionTEAM GRC software

Request for an appointment with your EXCO or top management team to make a presentation of the Outsourcing summitRISK proposal and a demo of the actionTEAM GRC, that automates risk management processes for improved governance.

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Dowload the ActionTEAM GRC software summitACTIONTEAM-GRC-Briefing.pdf (40 downloads)

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