Finance Training for Non Finance Managers

Do you understand why a business that is profitable can still go belly up?
Has the grasp of your company’s numbers helped or hurt your career?

If questions like these make you sweat, summitF4NFP (Finance For Non-Finance Professionals) training will give you all the tools and confidence you need to master finance basics as all good Managers must.

In line with this, Summit Consulting Limited cordially invites you and your team for summitF4NFP training.


Option 1: Boot camp (Any weekday, 9 am to 5 pm), via zoom

Option 2: Weekend (Saturday 9 am to 5 pm), via zoom

Option 3: Weekdays: Tues, Wed and Thur – 7 pm to 10 pm via zoom

Option 4: Anytime learning: Create your own study time and at your own pace using our pre-recorded live classes

Where: [Via Zoom Private Link]
Fee: $200.00 per person inclusive of tuition and training materials, T-shirt and Certificate of attendance.

Why: summitF4NFPs Toolkit Training is ideal for professionals who wish to get knowledge of key financial principles and understand how financial decisions impact an organization’s financial health. After this advanced event, you will get your Boss proud of your understanding of ratios and bottom-line targets and sit with confidence at the EXCO level.  This is exactly what this training is going to prepare you for.

The training shall be facilitated by top Finance Professional Experts with clear case studies and experience sharing. This training is also available to your in-house staff at a negotiated rate. This will make you attain financial literacy that transforms your career and business.

Click here to access the Financial Quiz to assess your readiness for Finance.

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Mustapha B Mugisa, Mr. Strategy
Team Leader

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