The fisherman’s credo; deserve your seat

The fisherman’s credo states that ‘if you are not doing anything in the boat, don’t stay there.’ The fisherman will require you to deserve your seat in the boat. For any fisherman, there are two tools that are very critical; paddles and oars to row the boat and water cans to empty the boat when it floods.

When I was a small boy in the early 1990s, I used to go fishing on Lake Albert. One of the challenging times whenever you go to L.Albert, you have to ensure you are hardworking. I would go in the lake with some of the fishermen. Usually, we would move in groups of three.

One evening, we went into the boat rowed up deep into the waters. Everywhere you looked, it was water. If were with me in that situation, you would see how scary you can become but also the fantastic view you had. As we were enjoying the beautiful scenery, all of a sudden the weather changed. A strong wind started blowing towards our boat. As the winds blew to our side, the boat started making ups and downs. Things changed. We had to remove water from the boat to stop it from capsizing.

The fisherman’s credo requires you to remove the water fast as you can to ensure the water doesn’t sink the boat. As you remove the water, other people must be rowing the boat propelling it forward. Whoever is not strong enough to do this work is sacrificed. You are dropped into the lake so that the boat becomes light.

I worked myself tough. Everybody worked tirelessly. There is no moment of saying I am tired. I am going to rest. The alternative is dying because the boat will capsize. Before the fisherman waits for it to capsize, they throw you down in the water.

Take this time and reflect on your life. In your business, how does everyone deserve their seat? You need to apply the fisherman’s credo in everything you do. Everybody in your company must deserve their seat. If it is in accounting, people have to be good. If people don’t deserve their seats, they become mediocre.

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