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Regardless of your Organisation, a leaking container cannot hold water for too long. Soon everyone will notice. The staff will talk. Your partners will get to know about it. And stakeholders will start suspecting your integrity. Your ship will start sinking. Know Who, did What, Where, When, How and Why. Click reactive to investigate fraud. Or proactive to prevent it. 

Tool 1.1: summitPOLICIES

If you don’t have anti-fraud and whistleblowing polices, we will work with you to develop them for you. We will also train your team in their application. 

Don’t wait. Anti-fraud Policies and Procedures are the first building block of effective governance.

  • Are your Anti-fraud and Whistleblowing Policies and Procedures up to date?
  • When did you last review them?
  • Do you have anti-fraud policies that are aligned to laws of your country, donor guidelines and best practices?

Tool 1.2: summitJULISHA

Are You Safe?

Is your tip-offs and whistleblowing system putting your critical enterprise information in the hands of outsiders? Have you outsourced your critical function of managing tip-offs to outsiders who could let you down?

In 2016, when National Social Security Fund (NSSF) needed an Innovative Solution, that overcomes all the challenges of a traditional email, suggestion box and phone whistleblowing systems, they came to Summit Consulting Ltd. Get a system that empowers your team to be in charge.

Can you be honest to us?​

Is your current tip-off tool effective? How many tip-offs did you receive last month? Use the julisha tip-off to empower your staff, partners and stakeholders to blow the whistle.

How it Works

We set up a secure custom installation on Amazon cloud or any of your choice. You (the client) gives us a list of 2 or 5 or 100 staff you would like to receive tip-offs instantly someone submits an anonymous tip. Once the tip is submitted, the tipper receives a unique 14-digit code.

The tipper can use this code later to provide further updates until the tip is closely off fully. We guarantee 99% anonymous and secure system. Our team at Summit Consulting Ltd NEVER get to see any of the tips submitted. Each tip is encrypted by a 256-bit encryption key.

Each tip is encrypted by a 256-bit encryption key. We only set up a system and hand all the management of the tips to your internal team. Because one tip goes to all key people, the risk of a tip being hidden cannot exist.

“NSSF saved Ugx. 1.8 billion within just two months of launching the julisha anonymous whistle-blowing tool.”

NSSF Official Statement in New Vision, [[Date]] Tweet

Have you built a strong anti-fraud and good governance culture?

Tool 1.3: summitCODE OF CONDUCT


Is your intellectual property safe? You don’t need to spend a fortune to design a foolproof non-disclosure agreement to protect your IP.

Your intellectual property (IP) is the source of your competitive advantage. Keep them secret so that fraudsters don’t just copy and enjoy your years of hard work and thinking.

The mutual non-disclosure tool will help compel the other parties and their partners who access your data, designs, tools, clients, proposals, methodologies, confidential company information to keep your confidential information secure.

Do you need an ICT security policy? Contact us today!

We help review your existing ICT policy, update it and train your team in its implementation. As BONUS, you will also get a free social media use policy, Bring Your Own Device Policy and Data Classification Policy.


Tool 1.5: Anti-fraud Declaration

Do your staff use the excuse of “I have never read the anti-fraud policies” to run away from responsibility?

Promote staff accountability with the anti-fraud and anti-corruption declaration so that you promote a culture of integrity at the workplace.

Let your staff acknowledge by signing having received and read your anti-fraud policies. Once they do, they will never use the excuse of I did not know!

Do you need an ICT security policy? Contact us today!

We help review your existing ICT policy, update it and train your team in its implementation. BONUS: You will also get a free social media use policy; BringYourOwn Device Policy and Data Classification Policy.

Tool 1.6: summitSOPs

Do you want to become an expert fraud and forensics investigator? Do you have a forensic lab?

Get clear Digital Forensic Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures. If you use a forensic lab or planning to set up one, get forensics SOPS and streamline your process.


Are you an auditor, criminal investigator officer, lawyer or HR professional? Do you want to investigate any incident – fraud or misconduct from start to finish successfully? 

Get this A-Z investigations manual.

Tool 1.8: summitFRAUDREPORT

Write clear fraud investigations report and save on legal costs. The fact is, there is no ‘draft’ evidence.
  1. So, why do you accept investigation reports with the word ‘draft’?
  2. Are you getting value for your money? Empower your team to conduct effective internal investigations and write reports that are clear with supporting evidence.
  3. Are you paying for forensic investigation services and getting an audit report instead?
  4. Do you know the difference between an audit and a fraud investigations assignment?
  5. Are you begging staff at disciplinary hearing, YET you conducted an ‘investigation’?
  • Write a clear fraud or forensic investigations REPORT instead of an audit report. Let your fraud fact findings report show clearly who did what, where, when, and how, and Know The Truth.
  • Quality forensic investigation will help you save legal costs, recover damages and take the right decisions so that you avoid lengthy legal battles that may expose your Organisation to reputation risks if not well managed. 


Contact us for custom training in Writing Fraud Investigation Reports and Conducting Internal Investigations.​

Tool 1.9: Anti-fraud communication strategy

Get all your staff on the same page with this 2-page strategy to promote anti-fraud awareness across the board

Tool 1.10: Communicate

Effective implementation of the above tools will help you
Attract and retain donors, customers or stakeholders through effective fraud risk management.

Implement effective anti-fraud and whistle blower practices for organisational transparency and accountability which is key for resource mobilisation, revenue growth and sustainability

Tool 1.11: summitHR policies and procedures

Are your Human Resource policies very complex and confusing? Do you want easy to understand policies that will promote team work and employee performance?

Get our HR policies for the 21st century employees. You can benchmark your existing ones and improve. Our policies will help clarify expectations so that you have clear reporting lines, salary structures and standards recruitment processes to save you time and money usually wasted when a wrong employee gets past the door.

Get great templates like sample performance contracts, scorecard and workplan templates so that employee earn their money other than coming to just eat it without working.

This toolkit is ideal for entrepreneurs as it will help streamline your business and save you potential legal costs of wrong terminations. Never again should you be compelled to keep a non-performing employee.

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