Free webinar on cybersecurity hygiene to improve your security

“Our systems are very secure. We cannot be hacked. We lose 0% of our annual revenue to fraud and cybersecurity annually.” These are some of the common assurances many leaders get. However, without ongoing cybersecurity awareness efforts, and independent cybersecurity tests (both black box and white box penetration testing), such assurances may be misleading and could land the organization into disaster. If you are not yet hacked, it is because no one is interested in hacking you yet. But that does not mean that you are secure.

As part of our corporate social investment, Summit Consulting in partnership with the Institute of Forensics & ICT Security will provide free 45 minutes cybersecurity awareness briefing to the first 20 organizations that register and book a slot.  The free session is worth US$5,500, but we will deliver it FREE OF CHARGE, if you claim it before 9th October 2021, our Independence Day.

The Cybersecurity top management briefing will cover:

  1. Common cybersecurity breaches
  2. How cybercriminals breach databases and systems to compromise security – confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  3. The role of top management in cybersecurity risks
  4. Top 10 cyber hygiene practices for improved enterprise security

The free webinar is available on a first-come, first registered basis.

To book a free slot, register here >>

We look forward to your confirmation of the date for the cybersecurity awareness briefing. Our preferred time for the free 45 minutes webinar on cybersecurity awareness is between 7:00 am to 10:00 am Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday only. Please do select any of these days for your meeting.

The offer is available to a minimum of seven (7) staff per session.

Look forward to contributing to your security agenda. Remember to register NOW, before you lose out on this high-value offer.


Summit Consulting Ltd cybersecurity experts.

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