Great leaders ask great questions

It is difficult to learn the art of listening without mastering the art of asking brilliant questions.

During tough times like these of coronavirus, managers and leaders alike must ask great questions that seek to understand the context and perspective in which the business operations. Context looks at the internal dynamics.  Perspectives provide external developments and implications for the business.

What is your take?

  1. If you had one message to future leaders of Uganda what would it be?
  2. What will leaders need to do to address the country’s challenges?
  3. What is it that you want to be remembered for as a leader?
  4. What was your greatest defining moment that taught you the most
    about leadership?
  5. What excites you most about your current role?

You want to ask questions that elicit deep thinking and reflection. Great leaders think about the greater good for the great majority, with a minimal negative impact on the lesser majority. It is an ongoing balancing act.

What are you doing today to win?

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