As we get close to the festive season, cyber criminals are at rampage, ready to utilize the opportunities and excitement that come with this period.

This is the time where many people have accumulated their savings on the bank, mobile money, or other accounts in preparation for what they term; “enjoying one’s sweat in style”. During this period, many people have saved to buy their first car or a new car, others are thinking about booking Hotels for holidays trips, placing online orders for new home items, smartphones, to mention but a few. In brief, this is a season where everyone’s spending mood is high.

In a normal life conversation, you will hear people advising their close family members, relatives and friends to become more careful with their phones, always leave their homes properly locked or avoid moving late at night. Why? Because the thugs on town streets, along roadsides to their homes, are more than ever serious looking for what to survive on during the festive season. This sounds the usual ‘folk’ but in a Digital context, provided you have an ability to communicate over the internet; be aware, hackers carry the same attitude only that they do it a smart way!

Like hungry free-range broilers scratching the earth for what to feed on, cybercriminals are busy on their keyboards tirelessly looking for secret pathways to gain entry into your systems and utilize available opportunities to exploit any vulnerabilities. It could be your server, computer or even a phone.

There are so many attack vectors cybercriminals use to trick you or play around your psychology to make you surrender confidential information that they may use for their advertent intentions. As Summit Consulting Ltd, during our FREE cyber awareness session offer to all our premium clients in this month of November, we have so far shared with many of organizations and practically demonstrated how such schemes occur.

However, to give back to the public too, allow me to share a few things about one of the globally-leading attack vector-Phishing!

Phishing is used by cybercriminals to trick you into sharing or giving up personal information.

These malicious links are coated with information that will entice you into taking an action, such as clicking on it or opening an infected attachment in case of an email. The hacker gathers as much information (Footprinting and Reconnaissance) as possible before he sends a phishing email to his target. To his knowledge, you may have lesser attention to thinking twice before any action.

Imagine, you received mail links like; >> REMA FILES DIVORCE WITH HAMUZAH>> follow the story to find why?

Hot news >>Musician Kenzo gets Rema replacement>> more details.

Planning to have a trip to Dubai? The first 10 people >> get 80% Accommodation Discount>>

If you are one of those people so much interested in following the so-called socialites, or you are probably planning for a holiday to Dubai, chances are so high that you will CLICK on the link to find out more, little did you know that the links had attachments which were malware and give an attacker access into your system.

The malware once downloaded, sends back a reverse communication of your entire machine and actions through a shell on the side of the attacker.

If, say, you are connected to company secure network (WiFi), an attacker will be able to intercept information being communicated between systems (Man-in-the-middle attack); for instance from your banking application to the Bank servers, the attacker will be able to access your passwords, transactions, among other stored personal contents.

As Summit Consulting Ltd, our wish to all our clients and everyone out there is to Enjoy their festive season with smiles and Not Tears!

#No_one_knows_when_they_are_a next target.

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