Happy New Week! What foundation are you laying?

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It’s six months to the end of 2024 already. Time flies indeed! How are you building your success foundation? I recently read a story about a Chinese bamboo tree, and it changed the way I look at things especially when laying the foundation for future success.  It will change yours too.

A one Jackson went on an experiential tour and saw a huge beautiful bamboo forest.  As he was led around the forest by the host, Jackson admired the farm.  He asked for guidance on how to start a farm like that. He saw tall bamboo trees and was amazed by the beauty of the things made from bamboo trees like baskets, mats, and musical instruments that were on display at the farm shop. He loved the idea of farm to market – from planting the bamboo trees, managing the farm, cutting the trees, and making the final products in the furniture shop.  As he moved around the farm, he wished it for himself.

“I want a bamboo forest like this,” Jackson thought. So, he asked for the prices of seedlings. A month later, he returend and bought 10 bags of bamboo seeds. He believed that by planting the seeds, he would quickly have his own magnificent bamboo forest.

Jackson, with a help of his friends, planted the bamboo seeds on the family village farm, expecting them to grow overnight. Every day, he checked the field, hoping to see tall bamboo stalks. But days, weeks, and months passed, and nothing happened. The seeds didn’t sprout, and Jack became frustrated.  “Why isn’t anything growing?” he complained. “I did everything right!” He said to his friends.  Feeling discouraged, Jack stopped caring for the bamboo field. He didn’t water the seeds and focused on other crops that grew faster. The bamboo field became neglected and overgrown with weeds. He put the land on sale, and informed the prospective buyers that he had planted bamboo seeds, on the land which were not growing to his expectations but were still in the land! He sold the land and moved on to growing other crops.

Years went by, and one day Jackson  wandered back to the bamboo field he had sold. To his surprise, he saw bamboo shoots emerging from the ground. The bamboo was finally starting to grow. Within weeks, the shoots turned into tall stalks, rapidly reaching the sky. Jackson was amazed and confused.

An old, wise farmer from the village who had bough Jackson’s land saw him surprised and approached him. “Why are you so shocked, Jackson?” the old farmer asked.

“I gave up on these seeds years ago, a reason I sold the land to you” Jackson replied. “How are they growing now after all this time?”

The old farmer smiled and explained, “Bamboo is special. For the first few years, it grows underground, developing a strong root system. Even though you couldn’t see any growth above the ground, the roots were spreading deep and wide, preparing for the rapid growth you see now. It requires patience and care, even when you see no immediate results.”

Jackson realized his mistake. He had expected instant results without understanding how bamboo grows. The now flourishing bamboo forest showed him the importance of patience, persistence, and nurturing. Upon purchase, the farmer had continued watering the trees.  When you plant the seed of this remarkable tree, it requires daily watering and nurturing. For the first year, there is no visible growth. The same happens in the second, third, and fourth years—no signs of progress. Yet, the farmer must continue to water and care for the seed every day.

However, in the fifth year, something incredible happens. The Chinese bamboo tree can grow up to 90 feet in just six weeks. It suddenly shoots up quickly and progresses so fast. During the earlier years of apparent inactivity, it was developing a strong root system underground which it needs to grow taller and stronger.

Great things often take time and effort to grow. Like the bamboo grass or tree, your projects and goals need patience and persistent care before you see results. Just because progress isn’t immediately visible doesn’t mean the end of the road. You must trust the process, continue nurturing your dreams, and be patient for the eventual, spectacular outcomes. With consistent effort, you always win.

Your investment in training and self-study is like nurturing a bamboo tree.  It may not always show immediate results. But with persistent care and dedication, you will eventually see extraordinary growth. That is the focus you need.

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