Helping others to grow – the best pleasure of all

Since I started my private mentor program, over 150 people have gone through it. Majority join to be helped to find a good job or the get promotions in their current jobs. The executives who join want to grow their businesses. They need practical insights to meet their targets. Engaging with people who are more qualified and highly senior gives the best experience. That is why I love consulting – the art of helping the client improve their condition (Alan Weiss).

It is good to be a trusted advisor.

On 15th September 2014, one of my new mentees sent me an email complaining about lack of business. This is one of the best public speakers I know of. He is erudite, experienced and well-traveled. Below is how I helped him get back on track. Read on, it will be helpful to you as well.

Like all consultancies, the first step is to ‘diagnose the problem’, by undertaking the ‘current state assessment’ or position audit, in auditing speak.

So, what is causing you to lack business? I asked.

Everything that happens is scientific; you must have deliberately intended it. If you don’t seek for business, it will not come.

To get a clear picture of his circumstances, I asked him to complete the following honestly, and email back to me.

What are your top six resources? Please list clearly:

[E.g. resources are money, markets, make-up, materials, machines, money, etc – be specific and put the figures. For money, how much cash do you have on your account right now? Ignore ability to get loans for now]

1. _________________________

2. _________________________

3. _________________________

4. _________________________

5. _________________________

6. _________________________

How are you allocating 100% of your energies and resources? Please explain clearly:

Internal focus (how much of your resources is invested internally?) please list the activities you classify as “internally focused.”

1. _________________________

2. _________________________

3. _________________________

4. _________________________

External focus (how much of your resources is invested in external activities?) please list the activities you classify as “external”.

1. _________________________

2. _________________________

3. _________________________

4. _________________________

With that my mentee was able to diagnose the problem. He called to say, thanks for that wonderful model. It just opened up my eyes. I can see, I have been focusing a lot of my energies internally than external. I am now going to adjust to balance the two.

I said, wait.

As you do that, change small but often. To find out how to do that, check out my all-time best seller, Your Three Keys To A Worry Free Life, and start moving closer to your dream. If you are in Uganda, send Ugx. 20,000 to 0782610333 and write “book” as reason. You will receive a link to download your book and a complementary video link.

No one is too good to improve.

We have seen great CEOs who could not keep their zips down. Their weakness is not lack of talent or leadership mojo. It is lack of self-control.

I have over nine top international qualifications, but I continue to read books of all genre including adventure, fiction, meditation and technical. I bet few of you know how the inside of a lift looks like.   Formal education may get you a job. You need self-training to keep it.

To be continued. In the meantime, visit and register. You will receive free updates on my upcoming life changing seminars and mentorship sessions. We all need external help to improve.


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