Here is how to win that deal

As prices for every essential item skyrocket, now is the time to learn how to persuade and win business or get that promotion. Before you make that proposal or promotion request, take time to understand the key decision-makers and their unique characteristics. If you want to influence someone, take more time understanding the person, their values, and motivations. Everyone has got their soft spots, preferences, and deal-breakers. Do your homework and prepare adequately.

Let’s assume you are James. You have been Assistant Marketing Manager for five years now and want some more roles and responsibilities for your career growth. For the past three years, you have been looking for something interesting to do. You want to champion a big project or lead a marketing campaign without first reporting through your marketing manager or direct supervisor. All you want is growth. How do you transform your life?

To achieve the growth you badly need, you decide to craft a marketing proposal to promote one of the products that have potential, but not doing so well in the market. Whether you do the proposal concerning your current employer, or you do the same for the competition (during your free time of course), you must write it with the final decision maker in mind. Before writing the proposal, take time to understand the person who gets sleepless nights when the product underperforms. The one who loses the most when the product fails to breakthrough. You must do all it takes to determine the true economic buyer – the folk with the decision rights over the product’s life cycle growth.

Get all the information you can about that person. Is she or he the kind of person who is unemotional, and analytical? Hates uncertainty and loves to implement their ideas. Or S/he is the kind of person who relies on their own or others’ past decisions to make current choices. The sort of late adopter. You know folks who will first ask: where else has this worked? People who ask, where else has this worked, are indirectly asking for testimonials. Find an industry guru, someone with experience and expertise and ask them to mentor you so that you present a proposal that includes their name. Focus on presenting innovative, yet proven solutions. For analytical folks, present a high structured proposal with clear numbers and outcomes. Give options and sensitivity analysis to demonstrate thoroughness in the thought process.

You will get the deal.

To be continued.

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