Home and business security solutions

The safety of your family and business is of vital importance. There is nothing very worrying like the feeling of being insecure.

Let our comprehensive security solutions defend your home and business against the threat of invasion, burglary, and forced entry. Be certain that you are prepared to get help in the event of an emergency. Our services range from advising on the best security, overseeing simple installations to fully automated security systems including, but not limited to:

• Security Camera Installation
• Internal and External Hidden Cameras
• Full Property Security Systems
• Personal Bodyguards
• Armed/ Unarmed Guards

We help you select the best security guards. Our recommended bodyguards are the best in the business, many with previous law enforcement and military backgrounds.
Furthermore, they remain courteous and discreet in all situations. There’s is no second chance in security. You need to use the best there is, and be confident that your security is everyone’s priority. Let the team of trained professionals recommended by SCL help you gain peace of mind.