How actionTEAM risk management software is changing the Game for Leaders

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What keeps you up at night? What is the source of your competitive advantage? How do you use risk management as a source of innovative advantage?

The ability to manage risk effectively determines the winners and losers. Traditionally, risk management has been a cumbersome, manual process using outdated methods that hinder agility and quality reporting. But the tide is turning with the introduction of advanced tools like the actionTEAM GRC software, a system that automates and revolutionizes the risk management process.

Gone are the days when risk managers relied on static, often outdated risk registers populated in MS Excel. These manual systems, while foundational in the earlier days of risk management, are akin to navigating a ship with an old, tattered map difficult to read. Imagine trying to look for directions on a map, only to realize that the section is missing!

The interconnected nature of business processes demands—more accuracy, more speed, and more foresight. This is where actionTEAM GRC comes into play, offering a powerful feature called Weighted Indicators Risk Assessment (WIRA). The WIRA helps point you to areas in your business which need more attention.

The WIRA feature in actionTEAm stands out because it enables detailed analysis of high-risk areas – ideal for organizations with group structures –subsidiaries or branches, or government MDAs. For a business leader, this means having a detailed, high-definition view of potential risks, tailored not just to the company at large but down to individual operational units. Such granular insight is vital for making informed decisions that protect and propel a business forward. As a leader in a group structure company, the question you must answer constantly is which area or areas of your business require more attention? Which ones are prone to risks of fraud or erosion of stakeholder value?

You have two options: use trial and error or guesswork to identify high-risk areas based on the field reports and hearsay. Or use a scientific approach to assess risks based on pre-determined factors that influence business leakages. It’s the assessment of such factors that we derive WIRA – which helps identify the high-risk areas from the low-risk ones. When it comes to effective prioritization and allocation of limited resources for high impact, you know which approach delivers the most value.

With actionTEAM GRC, the role of risk managers evolves from data handlers to strategic visionaries. By automating the tedious aspects of risk management—data collection, entry into a manual document, and basic report generation—this software frees up leaders and their teams to concentrate on bigger strategic issues: risk identification, analysis, and control. It’s akin to an autopilot system for a ship, where the captain can focus on steering rather than managing every mechanical detail. This is what empowering leaders with strategic insight entails. Not all risk management systems are equal in capabilities. ActionTEAM GRC comes with a complete package of functional features including robust risk identification. Much as every staff is your risk owner, many like those in marketing, sales and back office may not have the time and resources to update risks daily. That is where “assigned” risk champions per key process or department come in handy. The risk champions interact with the staff (the process owners) to help identify and update risks in the system ensuring a hassle-free experience.

One of the most significant advantages of actionTEAM GRC is its ability to offer comprehensive, integrated risk reporting. The software not only gathers and organizes data but also analyzes it to predict trends and potential threats. This proactive approach to risk management ensures that leaders are always a step ahead, ready to address possible issues before they escalate into real problems. Imagine having an eagle’s eye view of the terrain ahead, allowing for swift, informed, and decisive action.

If you introduce actionTEAM GRC into your enterprise risk management toolkit you will gain a compelling competitive edge. You will empower your leaders to handle the complexities of modern risk environments with confidence and finesse. By embracing this advanced technology, companies can ensure that their risk management strategies are not only responsive but also proactive. For leaders looking to stay ahead in the high-stakes world of business, actionTEAM GRC represents more than just a software solution—it’s a strategic partner in the quest for operational excellence and sustained business growth. As we move forward, the integration of such technologies will undoubtedly become a benchmark for industry leaders dedicated to navigating the intricacies of global risk with precision and foresight.

For a demo of the action team, visit or email strategy[at]summitcl[dot]com.

We look forward to the opportunity to transform your risk management processes.

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