How do you make decisions?

Most people especially leaders make decisions based on hearsay. Hearsay might be good but it can’t be a basis against which you make decisions. You get hearsay to provide a foundation against which you collect the facts and confirm.

You have to be very concerned with somebody who says I am telling you this thing but don’t tell the other person. That is not good. If you are a leader who keeps encouraging this kind of behaviour, you create room for hearsay and lies. You begin feeling annoyed. You are not getting the opinion of the other person who is purported to have said the rumour to explain.

This is why when you get rumours, find the facts. Collect the information because you want to separate hearsay, rumours, and ideas from facts. Use data to make informed decisions. Get the facts you need. Confront the rumours immediately. You will be a leader who creates an environment of performance.


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