How I survived a kidnap during an investigation assignment

Investigations are always exciting when you find a lead. You want to find out more and more. Around 2012, I was almost kidnapped at Nakumatti parking at Oasis Mall. I was following up on an investigation lead. People came in a Prado. As I approached to talk to the driver, a man opened a passenger door and started pulling me inside.

A CID detective on my team pulled a pistol on the suspect. His alertness was able to save me for yet another day. I have handled so many forensic and fraud investigations. It’s so engaging to connect one dot at a time as you close in on the mastermind. Finding how the money was used, is always the best discovery of all.

Whenever I visit that parking, I think about that day! I cannot imagine the treatment that would have been meted to me had they succeeded in the kidnapping. I was investigating a case of over US$300,000 involving mobile money fraud and was closing on the suspects and the mastermind and that is why they tried underhand methods. Thank God, I was well prepared. We assessed the case as high risk and sought police protection during field collection. That’s how I survived the kidnap.

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