How to Conduct Enterprise Risk Maturity Assessment

The first step in implementing effective risk management (fraud risk and cybersecurity risk) program is context analysis to establish the current state against the best practice or aspiration levels.

Which level is our organisation’s risk maturity? What gaps should our risk management agenda close? What will it take to close the gaps? How ready is our organisation for fraud and cyber risk management?

Is your risk management agenda progressive?

Many risk and anti-fraud professionals just recommend the implementation of fraud risk management programs without readiness assessment and an understanding of the current state. In this TUNA – turbulent, uncertain, novel, and ambiguous times, anti-fraud professionals must know how to conduct enterprise risk maturity assessment, leadership readiness review, risk appetite, and culture audit for fraud and cybersecurity risks to recommend appropriate interventions that add instant impact to the client organization’s risk management agenda.

By the end of my 45 minutes talk, participants will learn:

  1. The five levels of risk management maturity are aligned to the ISO 31000:2018 standard, and factors are considered at each level to assess maturity.
  2. Fraud risk maturity assessment vs cyber risk maturity assessment, and why these risks are top of the agenda for any executive especially during these Pandemic times when many companies have increased digital adoption for internal collaboration and service delivery thereby increase cyber fraud attack vectors.
  3. Effective fraud reporting to the board and key stakeholders for improved governance.

Join me at the 14th Annual ACFE Africa Conference and Exhibition due on 13th – 15th September 2021, virtual edition. I will speak on the first day of the conference, 13th September 2021, Track 3, from 10:50 – 11:40 am. I will go deep into the topic, “How to Conduct Risk Enterprise Maturity Assessment”, to gain clarity of the progress made and the work to be done. To register for the conference, visit here,

You are all free to join the track. The discussion will be more strategic. And folks in the middle and senior management levels will benefit a lot. This is not an introductory session. Come prepared to engage at a high level.

Look forward to meeting you virtually. Take a few minutes to inbox or comment below, what top #1 message you would love to gain from the presentation.

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