How to get a job easily this holiday season

It is that time of the year full of opportunities. If you have been out of action for the last two years, now is time to reset and get close to folks who could easily transform your career. The easiest way is to position yourself as a reliable person. Don’t be picky.

Many middle and high-end folks are planning to travel to their villages or out of the country for holidays on a family trip. Meaning, many don’t have someone to leave at home as a security guard or to care for their house and property. How do you get a job like that?

Make use of your networks at Church, Mosque, neighbors, friends, etc. Since you cannot know everyone who matters. You must be able to leverage from your family and friends, and their friends and their friends. As Mr Strategy, I find it easier to help folks who don’t ask for money directly but ask for a favor to help them get an opportunity that has the potential to make them lots of money. I am sure many people who are strategy prefer the same.

Find out who might need your services. Know which people know that person. Ask them to connect you. That is it! If you are a regular Church attendee or someone who helps clean the Church after mass, approach the Priest or the Catechist and ask for their introductions to the Christians you know might need your support. The respect people have for the Priest will enable them to trust and if you are well-groomed and confident, the job will be yours.

As we say, start by asking small things. Do them well. You will be promoted to big things. If someone trusts them to look after their home as they go on a holiday, they will keep you close. And if they get to understand you are a graduate, they will find something for you, if you ask well.

Take a case of how this security guard approached me this morning for an idea of how to optimize this strategy.

#mindspark “I need a favor from you. I saw you chatting with the man who lives in that house. I know they need a security guard. Since you know me well. Please call him and give him my number. Tell him I can do great work including cleaning the compound and looking after the dogs. I know he has dogs, but they are becoming too fat because no one walks them.”

Wow. This man is a security guard for a vacant plot in the vicinity and is looking at progressing to a more stable job. Has just asked for my referral most professionally better than most folks who have degrees.

He knows what he wants. Who has it? And who can help him get it quick? And his ask is on point. He has done his research.

If you want to get a referral, that my friend is a template.

May 2022 open up your mind. May you smile more. And have a happy life. #security #research #work #help #work

I remain Mr. Strategy. Remember life is about making choices. Chose well for a brighter 2022 and beyond.

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