How to motivate your staff in 2022

2020 and 2021 have been dark years. During these years, the world has been under a dark cloud setting. But humanity will always thrive and overcome any challenges. And 2022 is no different. The question is how do you prepare your staff to win in 2022.

In many companies, as the year comes to an end, leaders take people to a one-day retreat called team-building. However, motivation or culture change is not a one-day event. It is a process. A one-off event like that may not change hearts and minds. To transform people, you need to establish a process of transformation. A culture change journey. Change is a result of good habits and behaviors applied consistently. For any leader to successfully motivate staff, they start by creating a circle of influence. This is the group of people who close and directly report to the leader. You must first get to understand your people – what are their worries, pains, aspirations, and career direction so that you become part and partial of their journeys. That way, you can align the business objectives to their aspirations. Once you fail to understand the people in your team, you lose them.

Understand your people. Give them roles and decision rights. Delete key responsibilities to your people so that they are part of the journey of accountability. When you hold one-off strategy retreats, the impact is minimal. You must delegate to people so that they get in charge. Nobody wants to always be following. They need to take the lead. This gives them confidence. On some occasions, people will tell you money motivates staff. Money is a means to an end. Understand your people, give them purpose and everything else will fit in place.

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