Why You Need #summitIFRS9 Toolkit

If you’re tired of spending a lot of money on IFRS9 compliance, get #summitIFRS9 Toolkit today. This powerful all-in-one toolkit will help you meet the IFRS9 regulatory requirements, help you recognize and measure your financial instruments easily and an easy to use MS Excel tool to meet all Bank of Uganda disclosures and reporting requirements.

Have you completed IFRS9 compliance process yet? If yes, get the #summitIFRS9 Toolkit to benchmark your processes and be sure.

Our Clients


Dorothy Namutebi Ssozi, Housing Finance Bank

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the IFRS 9 training conducted by Summit Consulting Ltd. The speakers were knowledgeable and the training met the learning objectives.

Medad Mwesigwa ,CFO Housing Finance Bank

#summitIFRS9 Tool achieved for us output in one week, what we had spent two months doing with other providers. Our Board found Summit Consulting Ltd’s briefing spot on.


Christopher Kabagambe, CEO Top Finance Bank

“Working under very tight timelines, to meet IFRS9 deadlines by the Central Bank, #summitIFRS9 Team was able to execute the assignment in the shortest time with a very high level of responsiveness and made the process very swift and a great learning experience”


MCBL Board member

Our first consultants had made me scared about IFRS 9. But you (#summitIFRS9 Team) have made it so simplified. Thanks for the innovation.”

Your easy IFRS 9 Compliance Roadmap in 3-steps


The next steps in your IFRS 9 compliance


What is inside the summitIFRS9 Toolkit


Many people have asked us: our External Auditors are doing our IFRS 9 compliance and have supplied us the IFRS 9 tool. So, why do we need #summitIFRS9 Toolkit?

Your auditors should be independent of your business. They SHOULD audit the tool, but not supply one. They cannot independently audit what they have been part of. That kind of auditing has caused the big 4 firms huge losses. It is just not professional.
Plus, when your auditors supply the tool and also audit it, you may end up paying a lot of money!! And risk missing the full value if they had just audited the tool.

Open up your eyes!

Auditors’ core business is to audit. NOT to develop solutions. And that’s why the #summitIFRS9 Toolkit takes over your entire compliance so that your auditors may AUDIT it. That is what auditor independence is all about.