#summitIFRS9 Tool for your swift compliance and computation

How do you ensure ongoing swift compliance with less minimal disruptions? The greatest mistake by leaders is trying to respond to each new compliance mandate as a new individual project, rather than as part of a proactive compliance program based on sustainable processes. The human and financial costs of responding to each regulatory challenge with one-off solutions are simply not sustainable.

To this end, Summit Consulting Ltd developed the #summitIFRS 9 tool that facilitates fast your compliance to the requirements of the standard. The tool saves your bank costs and time that would otherwise be spent in computations to effect adjustments for compliance with IFRS9. Research reveals that companies which continue to use an ad hoc approach to compliance spend 10 times more than those who take a proactive approach to managing all their regulatory requirements. And with compliance costs for IFRS 9 averaging millions of dollars for most banks, a tenfold increase is more than reason enough to adopting #summitIFRS 9 Tool for your sustainable compliance architecture.