How complaint are you with IFRS 9? What should your Board be considering now when it IFRS 9 implementation? A high lever IFRS 9 gap assessment involves; Identification of key impacts of IFRS 9 on the bank’s financial performance, ideal business model for impairment provisioning, and the IFRS 9 implementation strategy.

Financial markets do not function effectively without a solid foundation of trust and confidence. IFRS 9 therefore provides for transparency and reliable financial reporting, a fundamental pillar that drives the growth of the banking sector.

Is your Board aware of the following?

  1. Role of the Board in IFRS 9 compliance?
  2. Impact of IFRS 9 impairment on your financial statements?

Do you need an expert’s briefing of your Board members on IFRS 9?

Call us today. We deliver;

  1. IFRS 9 updates for the Board
  2. IFRS 9 impairments based on your loan
  3. Recommended business model so that your impairment provisioning is minimized.

Training options

  1. In-house at your place
  2. IFRS 9 Board briefing at SCL – @ US$500 for 3 hours session. We can train any 3 board members
  3. Monthly briefing at Summit Consulting Ltd office. We take small classes. You need to book a month in advance

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