There have been several Instruction Circulars issued by the Central Bank in respect to IFRS 9 compliance reporting. To fulfill these requirements, calls for a lot of effort and time on the finance and credit team at the bank. However, this might mean that finance and credit functions could suffer with adverse impact on business growth, financial analysis and profitability.

A case in point:

On March 20th 2018, Bank of Uganda issued an Instruction Circular, EDS.306.2, to All Chief Executives of Commercial Banks, Credit Institutions and Microfinance Deposit-Taking Institutions or SFIs. The Circular, requires SFIs among other things, to:

  1. To submit to Bank of Uganda financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS 9 for the quarters ending March, June and September 2018.
  2. And for the March 2018 financial statements, to include disclosures relating to IFRS9 implementation.

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