Illegal Streaming as a Cyber Security Nitch

Among the basic Cyber hygiene, streaming via illegal websites is spreading so fast amongst game lovers, movie watchers, audio and video lovers around the globe.

On the Cyber security point of view, streaming on illegal sites is risky for employees (individuals) attached to a particular secure network of a company and has a lot of flaws it brings to the network.

 Why the backlash of illegal streaming?

Since the commissioning of a series of standalone interactive film titled Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was released on 28 December 2018 and Game of thrones series on the 14 April 2019 in which the final season was released and many more latest cult TV series, these TV series provided the opportunity for millions of fans to resort to illegal streaming in order to have a full experience of the series.

Security point of view

When it comes to securing computers from external attacks, the risks of illegal streaming (streaming via illegal sites) are underestimated.

Not downloading applications from these sites and not allowing pop ups alone does not guarantee total security from external threats

Malware is coming to whoever streams on illegal sites

The fact behind pirating content is that it leads to malware. Downloading content from illegal sites exposes you to malware: the file you download, malicious advertising, crypto-jacking scripts, and more lurk on these illegal sites that host the content that you download.

Not only malvertising and crypto-jacking you must watch out for, but also the downloads can carry malicious content. Malware distributors know that the popularity of certain TV shows means that people will illegally download, regardless of the risk.

The question now is, which TV shows have the most risk of carrying malware?
  • The answer is all shows that lead to traffic on the sites (illegal sites) where they are hosted

Streaming, where you listen and watch TV programmes online without downloading them is not illegal and less dangerous in itself. Legal web forums, like Vimeo, Yahoo View, IMDb TV, YouTube, Yidio, Netflix trial, etc., use it. However, many of other forums that provide the public with TV programmes, films and TV series without permission are illegal and their security is uncertain.

March 2018, MUSO a global technology company that provides anti-piracy solutions, reported that over 10.5 billion visits are made on piracy websites and illegal streaming forums. This fraudulent practice is so rampant of late.

You are subjected to be infected by malware if using illegal streaming

To users of pirated content, goes a warning from the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), this is a British agency against audio-visual piracy, and clearly states:

“You are 28 times more likely to be infected by malicious software when using illegal streaming!”

This threat grows bigger if the streaming is found out to be done by an employee of the company who uses company PC to watch episodes of their favorite series via illegal sites.

No blame put on them: I mean, who has never replayed their favorite team’s match on their business computer at home in the evening? Or watch an episode of the series your trying to follow quickly during lunch break?

This is eye-catching therefore that it is much more likely to make it easy for viruses (malware) to infect the business PCs that employees use hence even downloading malware on the company’s servers or networks.

To this end, Summit Consulting Ltd, provides you with a solution-set towards closing the gap of securing your organization’s network against any fraudulent practices performed on the secure network.

It has been noticed over time that human beings are the weakest link in the chain of security and Summit Consulting Ltd brings you Cyber Security Awareness Training  course at your premises to bring forth awareness on the various forms of cyber crimes and attack schemes that could be exercised on your network and how to protect yourselves from these schemes.

Join Summit Consulting Ltd in partnership with IFIS on our annual cyber-security awareness and risk management conference, which is scheduled to take place from the 16th – 18th October 2019. You need to get sensitized about all forms of fraudulent practices that can render your company network insecure and remedy towards those practices

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