Importance of a Cyber Security Certification in this era

It has come to half this year 2020 and so many data breaches and cyberattacks have happened in the past months ever since the year started. When it comes to the latest incidents that happened like in 2018 and 2019 in particular, made businesses and individuals more aware of cybersecurity. By now many institutions have come to know that cybersecurity is the hot cake to embrace to this end.

To have a greater insight into this, as all parastatals embrace remote working, a mechanism to conduct business is devised to embrace the online infrastructure where almost all business activities are done online. Now it is a great evolution to adapt to what others are doing to be successful, but it poses a great risk because the web is vulnerable against online cyberattacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs), data breaches such as leaked personal data online and on the black markets are getting more frequent.

According to the tip of ICEBERG; in the digital dimension (where everything is done with the integration of technology), the only limits are from your imagination. From attackers’ point of view or people that understand technology today, the world and internet users are all at risk because, Tech-savvy personnel (hackers) can travel invisibly without making a sound, manipulate anything they want, go wherever they want, and no information is safe from them. We can fly where most people can only crawl.

Now with that and with an expanding awareness of political obstruction and state-authorized cyber-attacks. This broadly elaborates, cybersecurity is without a doubt a matter of concern. So, being in the field of cybersecurity and if you’re thinking about a career in this field, this is the right time. In this blog, we’re going to talk about the importance of a cybersecurity certificate in the digital edge.

Why is Cyber Security necessary?

According to the projection statistics as of 2020, 90% of organizations have adopted cloud services and cisco made a projection that cloud data centers will process 94% of workloads in 2021 this summarizes the future of the web. So, on an average wide range of companies have embraced cloud technology to concentrate on their primary goals. However much there has been adopted to this technology, and however much cloud service providers ensure high-level security measures, the data stored on the cloud is very vulnerable and at a high risk of exposure.

Every company needs to ensure that they’re dealing with the right service provider who follows specific principles and guidelines for data security. They need to look for a solid service level agreement that covers all the scenarios of company data being subjected to any cyber-assault. A cyber-attack means the company’s entire private data is at stake as well as the risk of going out of business.

Putting aside business and looking at the social life perspective, everything has been moved to digital format and everyone including children and the adults are addicted to web applications that they interact with almost at all times. Among the web applications used, are those that are paid for and to a greater extent those that are freely downloaded and used. The data used when interacting with free apps and some paid-for apps are at risk. Among the data that is ay risk includes social security numbers, usernames, passwords, credit card details among other important data. Data hunters are not at rest, every min they have, they utilize it to hunt for weak links to compromise your personal information. And to this end, you should get to know the importance of adopting cybersecurity in this industrial revolution (digital edge).

Why you need a Cyber Security Certification?

Having a certification in cybersecurity does not only add to your scope of understanding and knowledge, but it helps you gather basic knowledge on how to create a defense towards your critical data assets on the cloud and also to add on your level of resilience.

According to the cloud adoption statistics, this year where almost 90% and above organizations adapt to cloud services raises the demand for securing the data that is stored on the cloud because it might be easy to get cloud services but it is equally so hard to protect what is held and stored in the cloud. So for this reason, a cybersecurity certification will not only give you knowledge on how to store the data safe and from reach of data hunters but also remain cyber resilient. With a certification in cyber-security more so in such a time when organizations need knowledge on how to protect their data on the cloud, the opportunities that will come your way will be endless. Numerous graduates insecurity end up working in the private sector i.e. work for organizations or companies that will pay as much as possible to anyone who can safeguard their data and assets.

To this end, Institute or Forensics and ICT security avail introduction to cybersecurity certification course that will give you the feel and touch of cybersecurity and which will avail the practical bit on how to secure your information on the while you interact with your online applications.

You will not wish to wakeup when it’s late for you to protect your data. You don’t need to be surprised that whatever you have stored on the cloud is compromised and leaked or may be sold on the black market at a low cost or for free. A month ago, over 500000 zoom accounts were hacked and personal credentials sold on the Darkweb. Your organization might have been one of the victims whose account records were hacked or might be in the next one to happen. Remember that no one is aware of when they will be hacked, it is always rather important to be prepared for the next hack


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